ENS DAO Newsletter #24 - 12/20/2022

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:ballot_box: Recent Proposals

*There are separate authors for either Treasury Management proposal. ¹ ²

Status Proposal Vote Discussion
Draft Endowment: Initial Conditions & Required Steps N/A Discussion
Draft [Social] Routine DAO treasury management ¹ N/A Discussion
Draft [Executable] DAO Treasury Management ² N/A Discussion
Passed [Social] [EP2.2.5] Selection of an ENS Endowment Fund Manager Snapshot Discussion

For details on the ENS DAO proposal process see our Governance Docs.

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Special Note: There will not be any working group calls for the remainder of the year. Please stay tuned as we announce Working Group call times for Q1/Q2 2023.

:page_with_curl: ENS Support Docs

Cthulu.eth has upgraded the ENS Documentation site, which is now live.

The Support Docs are designed to help answer common questions about ENS and also contains several guides and explainers.

View it now at support.ens.domains.

:classical_building: Town Hall

The Q4 Town Hall took place on Thursday, December 15th, 2022.

It featured updates from the ENS Labs team, ENS DAO Working Group stewards, presentations from several projects in the ecosystem, and more.

Watch the full Q4 Town Hall here.

A brief overview is provided below.

ENS Labs

Front-end updates

Khori.eth kicked off the Town Hall with organizational updates from ENS Labs. This included the news that ENS has joined the Blockchain Association (Washington D.C.), information about the upcoming ENS V3 App launch and the “Start Here” initiative.

The Start Here initiative will focus on creating a simple, safe and secure means for new users to engage in Web3. The first step that anyone entering the Web3 space should take is securing an ENS name, but before that newcomers need to have a wallet. ENS Labs has been thinking about the user experience and what it will take to effectively onboard new users — not only to ENS, but to Web3.

Jefflau.eth continued the presentation by offering updates on the Name Wrapper, which is now being considered for a Q1 2023 release. The latest audit of bug mitigations is nearly complete and if there are no further concerns discovered, the core team would like to release the Name Wrapper on testnet in January for further analysis.

ENS Labs has also been considering ways to improve contract safety by utilizing smart contract fuzzing and formal verification.

For the front end, the ENS Labs team has continued to develop and refine both the UI and UX for the new app — check out alpha.ens.domains periodically the view the latest updates.

Back-end updates

Nick.eth began his part of the Town Hall presentation by covering backend updates including contract upgrades, CCIP read, free subdomain issuance, and DNS-ENS integration.

The contract upgrades are meant to support Name Wrapper in addition to new features that are enabled by it. Moreover, registering new wrapped names will be cheaper than non-wrapped names. Gas savings are a key focus for the core team and contract upgrades will help lower the costs of name registrations, DNS integrations, and more.

New versions of the resolver and reverse registrar will also enable contracts to have the primary name set by the owner of the contract. This means that the owner of the smart contract will be able to set it rather than the contract itself, which will lead to more named contracts on Etherscan and elsewhere.

The updates will be bundled together and set for a DAO vote near the same time the Name Wrapper is deployed.

Development of CCIP-read continues, which enables off-chain resolution and makes it possible to use ENS without paying L1 fees. The core team is already working with several parties to produce production-ready integrations with Optimism, Arbitrum, ZKSync, and more. This will make it possible to spin up trustless gateways to L2s without having to rely on a centralized system.

CCIP-read will also make it possible to set up a DNS domain name in ENS without paying any gas fees at all.

ENS DAO Working Groups


Slobo.eth, lead steward of the ENS Ecosystem Working Group, kicked it off by highlighting builders across the ecosystem. The ENS DAO has granted approximately $150,000 in funding to builders like premm.eth, frolic.eth and z80.eth, who have all either helped support core protocol development or have developed innovative products that utilize ENS.

He also highlighted the ENS fellowship program, which awards one ENS scholar with $50,000 to help them focus on ENS development. This term’s scholar was gregskril.eth who has been a tremendous help to the DAO this year.

Check out his portfolio here.

Public Goods

Anthonyware.eth, lead steward of the Public Goods Working group, followed up by highlighting the Public Goods Scholarship winners. Congrats to all the recipients of the inaugural scholarship stream, which is supported by Superfluid — an asset streaming protocol that brings subscriptions, salaries, and rewards to DAOs and crypto-native businesses.


Finally, Coltron.eth, lead steward of the Meta-Governance Working Group, wrapped up the ENS DAO updates. Throughout Q4, the DAO issued approximately $582,000 USDC across all Working Groups to support hackathons, Devcon, ETHIndia, ETHSanFrancisco, ENS Grants, and builder support.

There were more active participants in DAO-wide voting since the inception of the DAO, and a focus has been placed on supporting gas free re-delegation near the end of this term. DAO tooling was a focus of the Meta-Gov Working Group this term, and as such, a tool was developed for just that.

The tool, ENS Agora was built as a one-stop for ENS voting and delegation. It features delegate profiles, including the number of proposals voted on, voting power, number of accounts delegating, and more.

Lastly, it was mentioned that Karpartkey, the chosen ENS DAO Endowment fund manager, will publish a proposal to fund the endowment on the ENS Forum.

You can read Karpartkey’s proposal here.

The remainder of the Town Hall highlighted several ecosystem projects listed below:

The full Q4 Town Hall is available to watch here.

:memo: DAO-Wide Updates

Q1/Q2 2023 Working Group Steward Elections

Elections have concluded for our Q1/Q2 2023 Working Group Stewards. Thank you to everyone that participated, and congratulations to the winners!


ENS Ecosystem

Public Goods

Public Goods Scholarships 2023

Voting for ENS DAO Public Goods’ inaugural scholarship has concluded.

The top 6 voted nominees will each receive a $12,000 USDC grant, streamed $1,000 USDC per month for 12 months starting January 2023. The funding for this scholarship is sponsored by the ENS Public Goods Working Group.

Thank you to everyone that participated, and congratulations to the winners!

  1. davidmihal.eth
  2. carletex.eth
  3. hellenstans.eth
  4. cookbookdev.eth
  5. albertocevallos.eth
  6. lcfr.eth

Metropolis Pods Update

Metropolis has provided an update to share a bit on how ENS DAO uses Metropolis pods and how you can use pods to track what’s going on in the ENS ecosystem.

For more details, view the full post here.

:gear: Protocol Updates

Arweave Support

The ENS Labs development team have added Arweave support to the ENS manager for content hash and avatar resolution. This enables users to serve their decentralized websites over Arweave. If you have NFTs using Arweave as a storage backend, you can now set it as an ENS avatar.

ENS Fuses

UI/UX lead at ENS Labs, domico.eth, spun up an incredibly informative thread on ENS Fuses which covers their functionality and why ENS name owners should care.

Check out the thread here.

Mailchain Integration

Mailchain, a protocol and platform that powers sending and receiving of messages between any Web3 address, now features email between ENS names.

Setup your inbox now!

:newspaper: Working Group News

Note: Working Group weekly meetings have concluded for the remainder of the calendar year.

Happy Holidays! :snowflake:

Summaries of what was discussed in the most recent meetings can be found in our previous edition.

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