Second Term Steward Nominations: how it will work

Nomination threads for each working group can be viewed HERE.


To be elected as a working group steward, you must be one of the top three ranked nominees in the steward election for a particular working group.

In order to participate in the steward election for a particular working group, you must:

  1. Nominate yourself as a steward during the nomination window (June 6 - June 9); and
  2. Receive 10k votes in support of your nomination to be included on the ballot for the steward election.

There are four working groups in the ENS DAO, which are:

  • Meta-Governance
  • ENS Ecosystem
  • Public Goods
  • Community

Each working group will have three stewards elected by the DAO.

Stewards will carry out responsibilities related to the administration and operation of working groups, as set out in rule 3.5 of the Working Group Rules passed under EP12.

Nominations posts will be published tomorrow, at 9am UTC on June 6, 2022.

Please do not reply to this thread with your nomination. The information below is to provide context on what to expect when the nomination posts go live in each working group tomorrow.

Steward Nominations

Any person is eligible to nominate themselves to be a steward of a working group during the nomination window set out in rule 4 of the Working Group Rules.

In order to nominate yourself as a steward, you must have write-access to all of the categories in the governance forum. Please submit the Participant Request form if you require write-access. If you have submitted the form and have not received a response it is because there is an invalid entry in your form. Please resubmit the Participant Request form .

For the Second Term of 2022, the nomination window for stewards will be open from 9am UTC on June 6 to 9am UTC on June 9.

To nominate yourself as a steward, follow these three steps:

Step 1

Reply to the working group nomination post with the following information:

  • Link to Snapshot: (fill this in after Step 2)
  • Preferred Name and/or ENS name:
  • Forum username:
  • Why do you think you would be a good steward of this working group?

Step 2

Create a Snapshot vote using the following template:

  • Title: [Name of working group] your name
    example: [Community] validator.eth
  • Body: copy and past your forum reply from above which includes your preferred name, ENS name, forum username, and why you think you would be a good steward of this working group.

Details on how to create a Snapshot vote, along with a link to the Snapshot space, will be provided with the actual post when the nomination window opens.

Step 3

Once you have replied and created a Snapshot vote, you can edit your forum post and include a link to your Snapshot vote.

After successfully nominating yourself to be a steward, you are able to campaign for 10k votes in support of your nomination on Snapshot. Any nominee with 10k votes supporting their steward nomination will be included in the ballot for the steward election.

Election Details

The steward election will start at 9am UTC on June 10, 2022 and remain open for 120 hours.

The steward nominees with the most votes will be offered the role of steward in the relevant working group, based on the order in which they are ranked.

This post is NOT a call for steward nominations, but rather an opportunity to provide context around what the process will look like.

If you have any questions about the steward nomination window or the steward election, please reply to this thread.


The nomination window is now open!

Visit the nomination threads for each working group by clicking on the links below:
Meta-Governance working group nominations
ENS Ecosystem working group nominations
Community working group nominations
Public Goods working group nominations

Nominations must be submitted by 9am UTC on June 9.


Most of the previous stewards have more than 10k delegated votes themselves, so it would be good to be more explicit about how the candidate should vote. Are votes to self allowed? Should candidates abstaining from voting on any other candidate in their category? Should the abstain from voting at all?


There’s nothing in the working group rules that precludes someone from voting for themselves during the nomination window or for the election itself.

With regard to the steward nominations, I expect that everyone who submits a genuine nomination will reach the 10,000 vote threshold. The nomination process including a snapshot vote was only added to stop spam nominations from spoiling the elections.

I’m still not clear on what happens to Community WG nominees if it gets folded into Ecosystem WG. Will the application I made for Comm then be for Eco?

I wonder if it makes sense to nominate yourself for both in case the Community WG does get merged into Ecosystem?

If that doesn’t happen, and assuming you are in the top 3 for both elections, you could choose to decline the Ecosystem appointment and accept the Community appointment. You could also make that intention clear in your nomination post too.

Not sure if that’s the best option, just brainstorming :sweat_smile: I agree this added calculus makes the nomination/election process more confusing.


It would make more sense to me to just grandfather the Comm applications into the new, combined WG. I feel like applying for both is just adding unnecessary complication.

Have a nice day!

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Why do you want to be a steward of this working group?

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@batus you should have write-access across all categories now and be able to post your nomination in the correct thread.

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Nominations to elect working group Stewards for the Second Term of 2022 have now closed.

Elections will commence on June 10 at 9am UTC and be open for five days. Further details about the election process will be posted in the forum shortly.

The following nominees will be included on the ballot for the upcoming elections: