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:ballot_box: Voting Period Bulletin

About Proposals

Proposals are the means by which changes are made to the status quo. There are two types of proposals:

  1. Social Proposals: offchain proposals that ask for the agreement of the DAO on a social consideration that cannot be enforced onchain.
  2. Executable Proposals: onchain proposals that execute code related to the ENS Protocol and ENS DAO smart contracts, as voted on by the DAO.

Proposal Table:

Criteria Social Proposals Executable Proposals
Type of proposal Offchain Onchain
Location Snapshot Tally
Minimum threshold $10,000 ENS $100,000 ENS
Quorum ≥ 1m $ENS, 50% Approval ≥ 1m $ENS
Voting period 5 days 7 days
Subject to time-lock? No Yes, 2 day timelock

These proposals are submitted for a vote, where delegates cast their votes in proportion to the number of tokens they hold in $ENS. If a proposal reaches the required quorum and passes, it is then ratified and implemented. Refer to the proposal table for details on each type of voting proposal.

Onchain voting is free! Courtesy of Tally and ENS DAO.


April 2024

[EP 5.5] Funding Request: ENS Public Goods Working Group Term 5 (Q1/Q2)

In accordance with Rule 10.1 of the Working Group Rules, the Pubic Goods Working Group have put forth an executable proposal detailing a funding request. If successful, the request will transfer 450.3k USDC and 21.5 ETH from wallet.ensdao.eth to the Public Goods working group.


[EP 5.6] Enable Self-Funding for the Endowment

Regular and routine management of the Endowment is necessary to continue operations. This executable proposal details a measure to finance the Endowment, as well as a reimbursement for interim funding provided from the Meta-Governance Multi-sig to settle Endowment fees during the months of January and February. The payload will be executed by the wallet.ensdao.eth to create the aforementioned allowance and reimbursement.


Note: This thread is meant to distribute information about proposals. Please refrain from commenting otherwise.
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May 2024

[5.7][Social] Security Council

The primary mission of ENS DAO is to govern the protocol and allocate resources in line with its constitution and objectives. However, changing economic dynamics make the DAO vulnerable to attacks aimed at draining its treasury. This proposal seeks approval from the ENS DAO to counter governance attacks by creating a veto role (veto.ensdao.eth), endowed with approximately 3.8 million $ENS delegated from ENS Labs. This role will be controlled by a multisig wallet pertaining to a trusted group to veto proposals that threaten the DAO’s integrity or violate its constitution. It also introduces a CANCEL role, assigned to the same multisig wallet.

  • Vote: Snapshot
  • Results: 100% Approval
  • Transaction: None

[5.8][Social] ENS Steward Vesting Proposal

This proposal suggests implementing a vesting schedule for $ENS tokens distributed to stewards of all three ENS DAO Working Groups. The proposed vesting will occur over a 24-month period to align steward interests with the DAO’s long-term goals, with provisions for both current and retroactive vesting terms.

  • Vote: Snapshot
  • Results: 58.77% Approval
  • Transaction: None


Note: This thread is meant to distribute information about proposals. Please refrain from commenting otherwise.